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2010 Beijing Eijerkamp Cui Wei "Highlights Cup" One Loft Race


OrganizerBeijing Eijerkamp Cui Wei Pigeon Co, .Ltd.

SupervisorBeijing Racing Pigeon Association


A. Entry Conditions

1.    All pigeon fanciers including domestic or abroad can take part in this race when they are agree with this rules.

2.   Pigeons to be rung with officially recognized 2010 rings

3.   Should you choose to vaccinate your pigeons, which are advisable, do so 10 days prior to shipping. All pigeons are vaccinated on arrival at the quarantine lofts. If this then serves as a booster, so much better for the pigeon

4.   After racing pigeon arrive in the loft, the contract takes effect, and both sides should implement contract strictly

5. Pigeons Accepted: April 1st to June 30th, 2010



B. Race date and distance:









First  round




He Bei


November5th, 2010


Final  race




He Nan


November 15th, 2010



 Note: Once the weather condition is not suitable to release pigeons, the race will be postponed. Please surf to our Website or make the calling for detail information at that time


C. Entry fee   

An entry fee of 6700 RMB per entered pigeon would be paid after the training of 200km, 300RMB feeding fee per pigeon. It is hoped to replace lost birds before July 20th, 2010. so everyone has the opportunity to participate in the event.

The entry fee for the foreign pigeons can be paid in the foreign currency with equal value. The foreign fanciers will pay the fees for customs, quarantine and transportation.


D. Prizes for the contest

First round race

 The first 10 pigeons can get a trophy as well

1st — RMB 100.000  

2nd — RMB 50.000  

3rd — RMB 30.000

4th to 100th — RMB10.000


Final race

The first three winners each will award prize money with a “Highlights Cup”, 4th -10th pigeons each also will get a trophy


1st — RMB 1,000,000 

2nd — RMB 500,000  

3rd — RMB 300,000

4th to 50th — RMB 100,000

51st to 100th — RMB 50,000

101st to 200th — RMB 40,000

201st to 300th — RMB 30,000

301st to 400th — RMB 20,000

401st to 500th — RMB 10,000


Team competition

A team consists of 8 pigeons. So fanciers compete in the team competition with entering at least 8 pigeons, and next 8 pigeons will form another team, different teams of the same owner will be named as Team A, Team B, Team C, and so it goes on. Once pigeons have been assigned to a team they cannot be transferred to another team.

The top 40 pigeons which come from the first 500 pigeons of the final race will get prize-money and the top10 pigeons will get a trophy as well.


1st — RMB 1,000,000 

2nd — RMB 500,000  

3rd — RMB 300,000 

4th to 10th— RMB 100,000

11th to 40th— RMB 50,000


Ace pigeon

There will be an 'ACE pigeon' for the pigeon with the best average times over the 2 races.

First 5 winners will get a 50k gold medal.


E. Auction and remaining pigeons

 After the final race the top 500 birds will be auctioned. The auction proceeds will be divided 60% to the owner and 40% to the organizer, please prepare the pedigrees before the auction.

The remaining birds will be made available to their owners. If this offer is not taken the birds remain the property of Beijing Eijerkamp Cui Wei Loft.

Tax from prize-money and auctioned money will be paid by fancier.


Other information

You can find related information about our one loft race on our website





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